Monday, 21 February 2011 more hiding please

Uncle James , Uncle James....belum apa2 u dah act like you Chief Minister. Apa sebenar you pun game plan. Are you still with us, Barisan Nasional or what?? Are you with the other side of the world or you wanna to have new party call Party Masing Masing??? What?? Tell us lah. What is your real AGENDA in PRS actually? Lompat parti, tukar parti, nganok parti, polah parti, as long related to parti mesti ada kena mengena dengan you. Sik kira siapa yang berkelakar, komen even Press Conference as long related to news, rumors, or kelentong about all related back to you.

Is your plan wanna attack our Chief Minister? If true please come forward. Be a man with two egg. Make a real statement. No need to hide or use other victim or our party. No need to hide behind like our Geng Bas Sekolah. How many people you want to sacrifice for your own personal agenda. Aiyooo Uncle....If you not satisfied with Peter Minos or YB Karim just tell lah....No need to ask your boys to do the dirty things and keep your hand clean...Uncle, the real enemy is out there lah Uncle...Later BN win PKR win a bit and Party Masing Masing pulang rumah masing masing

Tedewin, are you still confuse or what? Or you just woke up? If yes, is TAJEM in your dream while u in dreaming MODE? The promise that someone gave to you suddenly sik menjadi? Come on lah, choose the rite path or tebalkan muka come back to the rite path....even you already made a statement....“There is no turning back for me. I will contest with or without the support of Sarawak National Party (Snap) and PKR,” he said, pointing out that he has not yet applied to join Snap. Besides how many member you have now to support you? Seems you already declared in PC that u only have 40 something peoples whom you can trust........“My election preparations have all been done for some months already,” he said, adding that some 40 persons whom he could trust have been trained as campaign workers....there's go your politic carrier. hmmmmmm ooppss Apa ke jadah Sebanaku2u relate Tedewin dalam isu Uncle James to tek. ok ok ok.

Back to our Uncle James. No more hiding please. You think CM dunt know your plan. Come on he is our CM. And there's a reason WHY he is our CM. You want higher post or more power y dun just tell direct to him. No need to do this or do that. Sorry Uncle is written on your forehead already. Dun make people in PRS suffer or your personal agenda. If you have a wish to be CM there's nuthing wrong with it....a lot people wanna. But please dun make PRS as a stage and member of PRS as ur victim

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